Is Guardians Of The Galaxy Suitable For A 5 Year Old?

What age group is Guardians of the Galaxy appropriate for?

13 yearsThe movie’s M rating is appropriate, however.

It has many violent and disturbing scenes and scary characters, which makes it unsuitable for children under 13 years and some older children.

We recommend parental guidance for younger teenagers who might want to see this movie..

Is Avengers OK for a 5 year old?

The Avengers: Intense and action-packed, The Avengers isn’t exactly inappropriate for kids under 10, but it might get a little dicey depending on Junior’s sensitivity, plus there are a lot of heroes to keep track of.

Do any Marvel movies say the F word?

Marvel Studios has yet to drop an F-bomb in any of their films. For the most part, as per the MPAA, a PG-13 film is only allowed one use of the word before having to be changed to an R-rating, and so far every Marvel Studios film has kept a PG-13 rating in order to appeal to a wider audience.

How many swear words are in Avengers Age of Ultron?

Violence & Gore (11) Profanity (2)

Why is guardian of the galaxy PG-13?

The MPAA rated Guardians of the Galaxy PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language.

What is a PG-13?

PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned, Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13. This rating is a stronger caution for parents that content included may not be appropriate for children under 13 (pre-teen ages). This may include stronger language, extended violence or sexual situations and drug-use.

Does Guardians of the Galaxy have bad words?

Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie,but has bad words in it. I recommend this movie for everyone 6 and up as long as parents know people do talk that way whether we like it or not. … There is swearing a little to much and in the movie at one point they were drinking anotherwise it’s a great movie!

Is Dark Knight worth watching?

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy remains one of the best comic book stories of all time. It has everything fans wanted, from near-perfect portrayals of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) to flawless villains like Joker (Heath Ledger) and Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy).

What age is the Dark Knight suitable for?

PG-13″It’s a PG-13 film, and parents should heed that,” says Warner Bros. ‘ Dan Fellman. But some say the latitude in ratings makes it tough to gauge what’s kid-friendly. The MPAA’s reasons for “Knight’s” PG-13: “intense sequences of violence and some menace.”

Why Guardians of the Galaxy is good?

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are the only ones that actually feel like they fit into a different genre. They’re spacefaring sci-fi stories, with a hint of comedy. Part of what makes the Guardians of the Galaxy movies the best MCU solo franchise is that they stick out from the rest of the MCU.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy suitable for under 12?

This review… It’s just not necessary. I think children younger than 11 or 12 might be afraid of Ronan, he looks very scary/evil. Many of the characters look menacing and there is quite a bit of fighting.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy suitable for 9 year old?

Your kids will, too. Mostly. I’m sticking with the age-range of my own son and saying that most 9-year-old kids and up will dial into the tomfoolery of Guardians of the Galaxy, and will even feel that they are watching something a little cool and dangerous with you.

Is The Dark Knight suitable for 10 year olds?

It is a great movie, but for mature audiences. As long as your kid can handle violence they can handle this movie. There is a not a lot of swear words. I think a 12 year old can handle this or a mature 10 or 11 year old.

Is the Joker suitable for a 10 year old?

“Joker is rated R, and for good reason. There’s lots of very, very rough language, brutal violence, and overall bad vibes. It’s a gritty, dark, and realistic Taxi Driver-esque depiction of one man’s descent into madness. It’s not for kids, and they won’t like it, anyway.

Is Ant Man OK for a 5 year old?

But mostly it’s fine. It feels like a make-good for the kids. If a young child (under six-years-old) has never seen a superhero movie before, then Ant-Man and the Wasp could be jarring — if only because the kinetic action scenes and occasional punching can be disturbing to those who have never seen it.

Which Avenger swears the most?

Steve Rogers swears more times on screen than anyone else in the entire MCU. Find this Pin and more on Captain America by Sal.