Nissan Versa Oil Capacity

How do you reset the oil light on a 2016 Nissan Versa note?

Nissan Versa Note: How To Reset Maintenance Oil Light (2014-2019)Turn on the ignition without starting the engine.

As soon as the symbol appears, press and hold the TRIP button until light blinks.

Press the TRIP button briefly to increase the interval distance.

Wait until light stop blinks.More items…•Nov 8, 2020.

How do you reset the oil life on a Nissan Versa 2017?

To reset the oil light on a 2017 nissan versa put the car in the run position with the engine off, press trip for 3 seconds until the wrench symbol is illuminated, then hold down reset until it turns off.

How much oil does a 2013 Nissan Versa take?

3.7 quartsThe approved engine oil type for the 2013 Nissan Versa is the SAE 5W-30. The 2013 Nissan Versa engine oil capacity is 3.7 quarts (3.5 liters).

How often should you change the oil in a Nissan Versa?

5,000 milesNissan recommends getting your 2020 Nissan Versa oil & filter changed every 3,000-5,000 miles for conventional oil. Synthetic oil frequently should be changed every 7,500 – 10,000 miles.

Does Nissan give free oil changes?

They actually replace oil for free on any nissan and it doesn’t matter if you own a nissan that you didn’t buy from them they still will change oil at no charge.

Does Nissan Versa use synthetic oil?

Nissan vehicles don’t require the use of synthetic oil.

What are the signs that your car needs an oil change?

9 Signs You Need an Oil Change | Discount Tire CentersExcess Vehicle Exhaust. … Falling Oil Level. … Increased Engine Noise. … Irregular Oil Texture. … Low Oil Level. … More Mileage Than Usual. … Persistent Check Engine Light. … Shaking While Idling.More items…•Aug 18, 2017

What oil does a 2016 Nissan Versa Note take?

Mobil Super Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 1 Quart.

How much oil does a 2014 Nissan Versa take?

The 2014 Nissan Versa has an engine oil capacity of 3.38qt/ 3.2L.

What oil does a Nissan Versa 2014 take?

Mobil1 – Extended Performance 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart (Part No. 14977)

Where is the best place to get your oil changed?

3 Of The Best Places To Get An Oil ChangeJiffy Lube. Jiffy Lube is a fantastic place to get your oil changed. … Car-X. Car-X is another place with a very, very comprehensive list of services that come with getting your oil changed. … Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Another wonderful place to visit for your vehicle maintenance is Valvoline.Jan 20, 2020

How much oil does a 2016 Nissan Versa take?

For the 2016 Nissan Versa, the manual lists the oil type as SAE 5W-30 full synthetic oil. The oil capacity of the car’s 1.6 L 4-cylinder engine is 3.7 quarts with a fresh filter.

How much oil does a 2017 Nissan Versa?

The 2017 nissan versa oil type and capacity is 0w-20 and 3.7 quarts. your oil needs to be replaced eventually. every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is a good rule of thumb.

What brand of oil does Nissan recommend?

Mobil 1Mobil 1 motor oil was chosen by Nissan as the factory fill oil for the GT-R, Nissan’s high-performance supercar.

What oil does a 2016 Nissan Versa take?

The 2016 Nissan Versa can use mineral-based motor oil or synthetic motor oil. In most newer Nissan models, the recommendation is for synthetic oils because of their viscosity, but regular motor oil will work too. Synthetic oils are lower maintenance but are also more expensive.

Is full synthetic oil worth it?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil but offers superior protection for your car’s engine. Synthetic oil provides more effective protection for your car, may even prolong the life of your engine and would cost the average driver just $65 more each year. …

How many quarts of oil does a Nissan Versa take?

3.7 quartsThe 2018 Nissan Versa has an oil capacity of 3.7 quarts with a new filter.

Is it better to get oil change at dealership?

Generally speaking, though, it shouldn’t matter much where you get your oil changed. As long as you keep your receipts and perform oil changes at recommended intervals, you won’t void your warranty if you go to an independent shop — and you might save some time and a little money.

How much does an oil change typically cost?

You can typically expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $70 for an oil change. But the cost will vary based on a few factors, including the type of motor oil that you choose, the size of your car’s engine and where you have the service done.

How many miles can synthetic oil go?

If you are using synthetic oil, the interval between oil changes can be extended. Manufacturer recommendations range from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles, on average. Some recommended intervals might be shorter or longer.