Quick Answer: How Much Does A V62 Cost?

Does Mot need logbook?

Before you attend your MOT, it would be helpful to have both your current MOT certificate and V5C Vehicle Registration Document with you.

Even if you can’t find either of these, your test centre should be able to find your details on their system..

Can I apply for a V62 online?

Use form V62 to apply for a vehicle registration certificate (V5C). You can get a duplicate vehicle log book (V5C) online if you do not need to change anything in the log book. If you need to make any changes or you’re not yet registered as the vehicle’s keeper, you must make an application by post using form V62.

What do I do if my log book hasn’t arrived?

The DVLA advises that the standard log book arrival time can be up to six weeks from your request – however, if your log book hasn’t arrived during this time, you are recommended to contact the department directly via the helpline or via the DVLA’s online email system available on their website.

Can I drive without tax?

Yes. The law states that a registered vehicle being kept or used on public roads must be both taxed and insured. You don’t need to tax your car if you’re not driving or parking it on a public highway. … Driving a car that has been declared SORN is a more serious offence than purely driving without tax.

How long does a V62 take to process?

two weeksHow long is the v62 form process? The DVLA says that the official processing time for you log book application is two weeks. You will usually have your v62 form processed within a few days, if under normal circumstances. Sometimes, the DVLA needs to make contact with the previous owner of the car.

Can I tax my car with just a V62?

You can also use the V62 form to tax the vehicle at the same time as applying. The application form can be collected from a main post office or you can download it from this link.

Can I tax my car while waiting for log book?

Can I tax my car while waiting for the log book? It is possible to tax your car without your log book. … DVLA says that if you’re the new keeper and you don’t have the new logbook (V5C) then you must apply for a log book replacement.

What documents do you need to tax car at Post Office?

To tax your car via the post office, you may need to show a valid MOT certificate as well as your V5C or V5C/2.

Can you tax a car without a V5?

Without a V5 logbook, you may be able to tax your vehicle, but you’ll need to have another identifying piece of information with you. You can only tax the vehicle if you are the owner and keeper, and as a V5 or V5C proves this to be true, you can’t do much tax-wise without it or another piece of equivalent paperwork.

How much is a new log book?

What it costs. The service usually costs £25. You can pay by credit or debit card. You cannot get a refund once you’ve used the service (for example if you later find your log book).

Do you have to pay for a V62 form?

Register the vehicle in your name by using form V62 ‘Application for a vehicle registration certificate’. You’ll have to pay a fee. See the section above for how to get form V62. Contact DVLA if you do not receive anything 6 weeks after sending in form V62.

Can I tax my car without logbook or reminder?

Taxing your Vehicle without a Reminder You can can still renew your vehicle tax. You will need one of the following documents: V5C (Registration Certificate – aka log book) which has an 11 digit reference number. V5C/2 (New Keeper’s details slip) which has a 12 digit reference number.

Can you sell a car without a log book?

Selling a vehicle If you sell your vehicle you must tell DVLA straight away using the V5C registration certificate. If it’s lost or damaged you’ll need to get a replacement before selling. The new keeper won’t be able to tax the vehicle without it.

How much does a V62 form cost?

Data protection – releasing information The fee for this application is £25 (at time of printing). If sending this form directly to DVLA please make cheques or postal orders payable to ‘DVLA, Swansea’.

Can I pay for V62 at post office?

Often, you can get road tax for a vehicle at one of the large Post Office branches and order a new log book at the same time. Fill in the standard ‘DVLA V62 application form’ and take it with the £25 fee to a Post Office branch that handles vehicle taxation.