Quick Answer: What Is Plate Called In English?

Who first used the word plate?

In 1912 the meteorologist Alfred Wegener described what he called continental drift, an idea that culminated fifty years later in the modern theory of plate tectonics.

Wegener expanded his theory in his 1915 book The Origin of Continents and Oceans..

What are the four small plates?

There may be scientific consensus as to whether such plates should be considered distinct portions of the crust; thus, new research could change this list.African Plate. … Antarctic Plate. … Australian Plate. … Caribbean Plate. … Cocos Plate. … Eurasian Plate. … Nazca Plate. … North American Plate.More items…

What is the opposite of plate?

What is the opposite of plate?revealstripuncoverjoincombine

What is another word for plate tectonics?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tectonics, like: plate-tectonics, plate tectonic theory, architectonics, tectonic, neotectonics, crustal, geodynamics, lithosphere, geodynamic and null.

What do you call a large plate?

platter. noun. a large plate used for serving food.

What do we call plates in English?

Noun. plate (DISH) plate (FLAT PIECE)

What is another word for plate?

What is another word for plate?dishplattercasserolechargerpatentraydinner plateserving dishside platesoup plate13 more rows

What does plate mean sexually?

the use of obscene or scatological language for sexual gratification.

What are Half Moon plates used for?

The Crescent Plate adds visual interest to a classic table setting and can be used as a bread plate or to corral juicy side dishes. Its curvilinear design allows the dish to nest perfectly against your favorite plate or bowl for a more compact eating space.

What is a small plate called?

What is another word for small plate?side plateappetizer platedessert platesalad plate

Which type of noun is plate?

As detailed above, ‘plates’ is a noun. There are currently no example sentences for plates in this site’s database.

What are the smallest plates?

The Juan de Fuca Plate is the smallest of earth’s tectonic plates. It is approximately 250,000 square kilometers.